3 Steps to Stop Self-Doubt, Procrastination and

Questioning your AWESOME-NESS!


I use to think that self-helpery was self-indulgent. I also used to roll my eyes at people who spent time on personal growth books, meditation and the latest self-development fad. The amount of time and energy that was spent on internal evaluation I saw as completely self-obsessive. I mean, who’s got the time for all that? What a luxury it must be for those who CAN be so self absorbed! Quotes were lame and so were inner journeys and personal growth…complete snooze. I’ve always been a huge God-girl, however other spiritual stuff would make me shake my head…
Get out of your own head and get on with it already! I was young and naive.

Harsh huh…

I soon changed my tune when ‘adulting/parenting’ became a necessity when becoming a Mumma just before my 18th birthday and my blessed-perfect-childhood ended abruptly when I was no longer the child…
The real world hit me smack in the face and, fast forward 12 years, anxiety, self-doubt, limiting beliefs and a heap of other crap, had me dipping a toe in the self-help pool.

Guess what happens when you mix anxiety, self-doubt and limiting beliefs? NOTHING!!! Literally nothing, as this triple trouble mix often results in procrastination.

I slowly realised I was merely going through the motions of living a limited existence because I was staying small instead of standing tall…procrastination was my weapon of choice for ensuring I didn’t step out of my comfort zone, attempt to achieve anything extraordinary or try anything that was a contradiction to my limiting beliefs.

It kinda goes like this…



Firstly, you don’t feel confident in your abilities to achieve anything awesome.
Then, when face to face with an opportunity to be awesome, anxiety revs up.
Next, because of anxiety, you avoid, procrastinate, sabotage, run or hide from your opportunity and COMPLETELY WASTE IT!
Then secretly and deeply feel crappy about procrastinating and missing out because you know that somewhere under all that doubt and sabotage, is hidden an awesome person!!!

That was me.


This cycle isn’t a knee jerk reaction, but more like a slow burn, a process of thoughts, feelings and actions. The only way out of this particular cycle is to reverse it. I bang on about the unconscious mind a lot because it’s responsible for our inner negative committee meetings that regularly remind us of our limiting beliefs. These 3 steps will allow you to call yourself out on the unconscious exaggerations, assumptions and ridiculous expectations.


Try this…


Hang on just a damn minute, I feel crappy about missing out on doing and being brilliant because deep down I suspect I’m actually awesome. Therefore, deliberately missing out on achieving awesomeness is ludicrous! What’s with the self imposed punishment? What am I, a Benedictine Monk?



While we’re discussing this, unconscious mind, what am I worried will happen when face to face with an opportunity? What’s with all the worry, dude?


Then for my favorite part…


Am I REALLY unable to achieve anything awesome?? ANYTHING? AAAANNNYYYTTTHHIIINNGGG? EVERY??? That’s not exactly true!!! Remember that one time I did that thing, you know, that thing I ROCKED at? And that other time I achieved something I thought I couldn’t do?




Now that you’ve reversed this cycle of self-doubt and questioning your awesome-ness, you will notice a few things.You will remember the times when you did what you thought you couldn’t!


You will remember the situations where you took opportunities with or without confidence! You will remember what actions you took and what INTERNAL ABILITIES you used. What you are left with, is hard facts that you DO have the abilities needed to achieve, you CAN grab opportunities and stall tall!

Procrastination will be a thing of the past as your will no longer need it keep you from brilliance!


Now that self-doubt has been proven wrong, you have evidence to stop questioning your awesome-ness!
If the unconscious every throws self-doubt at you about your abilities to achieve awesome-ness, you have the proof to stop it in it’s tracks.

Try these 3 steps and keep in touch; I want to know how it changes your world!


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