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Focused Forwards’ goal is to help create a limitless mindset for your
team, making them healthier, happier and more productive.


Focusing on the common issues of stress, anxiety, depression and disconnection, we are determined to provide
companies with in-house Mindset, Mindcalm and Communication training. Giving the organisation the
advantage of having balanced, thriving employees who are passionate about their careers. Everyone deserves
the opportunity to acquire the tools and skills to be able to achieve balance at work. If people are happy at the
work, they are happy at home. Developing a mindset of adaptability and calm, help staff take a proactive
approach to mental and emotional well-being in the workplace. All over the world, Companies are recognising
the importance of supporting the mental, emotional and physical well-being of their team and Australia is
catching up! Change starts at the top and business leaders all over the country are discovering that ‘people’
within the companies, are the most important assets and investing in them is no longer an OPTION, it is a


Change your MIND
Change your THOUGHTS
Change your LIFE!

Matters of The Mind – 4 Pillars of Successful Communication using NLP audio and video program!
Discover tools and techniques to be a successful communicator, enabling you to have better relationships with
your colleagues, families and most importantly, yourself!”
We offer a tailored and ongoing programs to minimise stress and anxiety in your workplace with a focus on
positive mental health.
Book a package to create a healthy mindset in the workplace and together we will empower your team to be
limitless, allowing your organisation to THRIVE

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