Anxiety and The Inner Critic! Online Course


This course is for my High Functioning Anxiety people, courageous go-getters who KNOW they are capable of soooo much more. I bet others say how amazing they think you are, however, compared to what you would like to achieve, you are NOT impressed!
Anxiety keeps you from getting what truely makes you feel alive, whatever that may be for you. And The Inner Critic stops you from creating it… or feeling like you deserve it…
Life is probably pretty good but you feel like, Seriously? Is this the BEST I can do? I don’t WANT a half-baked life with the occasional bout of awesomeness! Is this it? I guess, since you are here, you have DECIDED, WITH OR WITHOUT CONFIDENCE that it’s time to find contentment in your achievements, it’s time for things to look a whole lot better.


You may have the love of your life as a partner and live in a blissed out luxurious debt free life… yet you aren’t sharing your talents with the world and feel totally unsatisfied.
You may be a successful business owner, sharing your passions,,,but can’t remember the last time you had fun and truely felt the freedom of PURE JOY.
Maybe you have deep relationships with friends and family…yet you are so broke that you bottom out your bank account 12 times a year.

Anxiety gets in the way of you, and who you are MEANT to be… Your Inner Critic keeps you away from brilliance…
YOU are the only YOU there is, which kinda makes you a big deal and way too unique to withhold your gifts from the world.
I’ve created this comprehensive course with you in mind. The world needs intelligent people with big ideas and even bigger hearts, hardworking, ethical, wise people with imaginations, questions, visions…to be free from self- doubt, fear of failure or success, embarrassment and feelings of not enough-ness. You need this, your family needs you to do this and you owe it to the world to be your best.
Yes i want this!

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