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I know this is meant to be in the third person but…nope!


Your loving but firm best friend here, I’ll call you on your crap and help you get what you want, believing you can get it!

And this Focused Forward stuff is a collection of methods I use to remove what no longer serves you and re-place it with what you truly want deep down in the core of who you are.

With Neuro Linguistic Programing, Hypnotherapy, Timeline and The Focused Forward Method, I specialise in helping people with overwhelming stress, high functioning anxiety, their inner critic and limiting beliefs.


With support, you will shift into your best self to create your most fulfilled life, discovering your deeply ingrained limiting beliefs and transforming them into your strengths.

 Together, we will design your mindset for success, freedom and happiness. Being of service to others gets me bounding out of bed in the morning, pumps me up and is my true core purpose.

Getting you results is my motivation, if you need permission to refuse to settle for a mediocre life, you’ve got it!

 For many years I crazily believed that I was at the mercy of my thoughts, having my emotions and self worth dictated to by Stress, Anxiety and my Inner Critic. The need to be perfect (my definition of perfect was to be the good girl who always did the right thing by everyone else) had me in a constant state of exhaustion and overwhelmed, with a headful of thoughts.

On the surface I appeared to have all my ducks in a row…I ‘got stuff done’…however my perfect house, perfect hair, business success, organised life, go go go attitude and quest for ‘Mother of the year award’ was driven by an internal toxic cocktail of stress and anxiety. An internal chaotic hell.

I realised slowly (there was no defining moment, bolt of light or brilliant epiphany) that I wasn’t living, merely existing. Through a bucket load of self-helpery, learning and training from those in the know, I changed my MIND.

My journey was long…yours doesn’t have to be.

I’m here to help you get out of your own way so you can have what you truly want for yourself, guiding you through the process of removing the impact of anxiety and your inner critic. Whatever the definition success has for you, I’m here to guide and help you get it, to experience more joy, excited to start each day, have more fun, help more people, love who you are and love your life! That’s why we’re here, right? Right!



– Master NLP Therapist

– NLP Trainer and Consultant

– NLP Coach

– Clinical Hypnotherapist

– Focused Forward Method Trainer

– The  Professional Practitioner System Trainer

– Specialising in Stress and Anxiety

– Registered Member of the AHA

– Registered Member of the ABNLP

High Functioning Anxiety

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