“Most of my worrying thoughts are what if’s” 

“I know I’ve succeeded before, but what If people think I’m a BIG FRAUD?

“What if I get judged?

“I’ve had the same goals for YEARS, what if I never reach them?”


I can’t do it…other people can, but not me” 

“I’m going to fail and humiliate myself!”

“What made me think I was good enough to succeed? I’m such a fool!”


“I should be happier than I am…what’s wrong with me?”

“I’m not talented enough, educated enough, skinny enough, curvy enough, young enough, wealthy enough, funny enough…”

“I can’t believe I just did that! I’m such an idiot!”

“I’ll never be successful!”


“There’s no way my boss liked my presentation!”

“Was she making fun of me last week? I’m sure she looked at my strangely…she thinks  I’m ridiculous!”

“Why did I say that? How can I show my face again?”

“Does he love me at all? I wonder if he’s sick of me yet? That’s it…he’s going to leave me for someone else!”


If people knew the worrying thoughts I constantly have, they’d think I was crazy!

“I’m stressed out all the time”

“I’m exhausted from running in circles without accomplishing much”


“There’s stuff I want to achieve, I just can’t focus” 

“I’m worried I’ll stuff upbest not risk it.” 

“If it’s not perfect, I won’t do it…What will people think?”

“I know I have talents, I’m just not confident enough”

“I need clarity and direction. I’m running in circles!”





Deep down you suspect you were meant to have an EXTRAORDINARY life…

 Otherwise you’d be content with mediocre…right?

You can have it  without being plagued by Stress and Anxiety fueling self criticism…



                       RISE ABOVE!                                             



You are here because, ANXIETY SUCKS and most likely you’ve had ENOUGH! Hang out with me and NLP online over 14 days! This course is for those who have HAD ENOUGH of anxiety running the show, want to be FREE from it’s clutches and remove the IMPACT it has over their lives. You’ve spent enough time and energy being at the mercy of anxiety, it’s time for some PEACE and EASE already!!!


Most of what we stress about NEVER HAPPENS! Yet we still worry and suffer for it! Stress is EXHAUSTING and depletes us of energy and headspace. Together, we will create new habits of thought to RISE ABOVE STRESS! Your thoughts are determine EVERYTHING in your world.

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”~ William James



You are meant to be EXTRAORDINARY and the world needs more chang-makers to be at their BEST! How we respond to STRESS has instant and long term consequences for our EMOTIONS, MINDSET and BODY. Our all-over wellbeing is DETERMINED BY IT! Your 1:1 tailor made, 3 month Coaching Program is here! RISE ABOVE STRESS and BE EXTRAORDINARY!



Are you ready to be EXTRAORDINARY? 


Is STRESS, ANXIETY and THE INNER CRITIC reigning supreme? You are in the right place! With the effective combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Timeline and The Focused Forward Method, I do things a little differently. At Focused Forward we believe talking over and over about the “problem” actually “embeds” the problem more. So we stay Focused Forward (see how I did that? 🙂 we focused on the “opposite” thing to the problem, what you “want instead”!

Aka- The end goal, desired state, the Mothership.

You can expect lots of AH-HA moments as you discover stuff you didn’t know about yourself and what you REALLY think. Getting you results is my motivation, if you need permission to refuse to settle for a mediocre life, you’ve got it! I ensure you are supported, committed and made accountable. Whatever definition success has for you, I’m here to help you get it, to have more joy, be excited to start each day, have more fun, help more people, love who you are and love your life! That’s why we’re here, right? Right!

With Neuro Linguistic Programming, we remove the negative impact of STRESS, ANXIETY and the INNER CRITIC. Create new thoughts and patterns to have the mindset you want!

Ready for a new, improved automated default setting? Remove old habits, persistent thoughts and limitations. Reprogram the way you operate for new positive thoughts and behaviours!  

For Professional Therapist, add the FFM Practitioner Certification to your tool set. You won’t help your clients just manage their STRESS and ANXIETY…you will remove the impact and set them free! 

Day Anxiety Away course

Meet Katrina!

Work with me one on one, face to face and online!

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